Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art Statement

When The Good and The Bad becomes a demarcation line between what is morally just or not, there are things that do not fall among the two territories. Many times, we are too timid to venture out among the gray areas. What more to set foot on the dark side. But unless we acknowledge the sordid aspects of our binary human nature, we will never become whole.

ANATHEMA exemplifies the things that are deemed too wayward in our prejudiced notions of the Ideal, of the Ethical. And because the sinister is depicted, ANATHEMA deviates from the orthodox conceptions of aesthetics. Art for the sake of beauty alone is a form of denial, an inability to realize one’s primordial fears. Thus, in this two-man show, moral and spiritual dilemmas are placed center stage to give light on the veracity of man’s dark possibilities.

ANATHEMA showcases figurative and representational artworks filled with occult images of the ethical taboos, moral decays, and profanities. Such eccentric views coupled with unconventional styles are proofs that this visual exhibit does not tread the path of mainstream Art.

ANATHEMA is pop surrealism in its purest element.

Dangerous. Disturbing. Visually palatable.

This is artistic radicalism.

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