Thursday, December 17, 2009


an installation art by Nonon Yee and Mikiboy Pama.

To begin a cycle, an ending must be trailed with a beginning.

Prosisyon follows the alpha and omega of man’s spiritual corruption. Man, the demigod, becomes the spitting image of his deity.

The path to perversion commences inside the toilet bowl where organic wastes, primal instincts, and phallic obsessions are dispelled, divulged. What seemingly is a discreet act transforms into a flamboyant parade of carnalities leading to a deconsecrated altar. A colossal flat iron, the anticlimax of the vile cycle, hangs overhead as a testament of man’s alacrity to end the procession or to perpetuate the obscene.

where everything ends and begins -- in the toilet

the parade of carnalities to the retablo

performance art by Russ Ligtas

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